by Julia Khadartseva
Intensive course in audio tasks format
Work out a relationship with mom and dad to start living a full and happy life!

Rejection of parents negatively affects different aspects of our lives and often causes various kinds of traumas, problems and blocks!

Role of DAD in our life
Firstly, together with the Dad we learn to defend our boundaries. It is an energy of rigidity, will and ability of making forceful, strong-willed decisions. Therefore, if you have no contact with the dad, your boundaries will be constantly violated.

Secondly, acceptance of the father affects your energy of dignity, honor, willpower, authority, responsibility, purposefulness and the ability to act. If the relationship is not worked through, all of these qualities have rather fragile boundaries.

Thirdly, the relationship with dad directly affects your financial flow. So, if you want to increase the money flow, this marathon is dedicated to you.

Here we will work through everything related to Dad, so that you will have an inner core and study to defend your borders, earn more money and achieve your goals.

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Role of MOM in our life
Mom shows us tenderness, care and affection. Together with her we learn to enjoy life, to see and accept all its delights, to be our true selves. If you have no interaction with your mom, the whole world seems cruel, gloomy and unfair.

The acceptance of mom also affects your sensuousness, sexuality; it is responsible for the love and acceptance of your physical body. If the relationship with mom is not worked through, all of these elements are weak and a sense of shame and inferiority appears.

We are going to work through everything related to mom so that you start feeling complete, sexy, special, and able to enjoy life and savor every moment again.

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How is the intensive course (marathon) organised?

After the payment you'll be added to a closed Telegram chat, where we’ll hold the intensive course (marathon). Access to audio tasks will also be available in the GetCourse App (see instructions in e-mail after the payment).
Hierarchy in the parent-child system
Day One - You will receive audio recordings in Telegram with theory, tasks, meditations and constellations. During the day, you have to send an assignment report to the chat.
Total acceptance of parents.
Total acceptance of parents
Day Two - You will receive audio recordings in Telegram with theory, tasks, meditations and constellations. During the day, you have to send an assignment report to the chat.
In 2 days, you’ll integrate with your parents as much as possible, analyse complexes and blocks that have been dragging you through lifetime. Your consciousness will undergo a deep transformation and build an inner balance.
*The materials of the intensive course (marathon) will be available for 5 days after the end.
All participants of our intensive courses (marathons) know that we ALWAYS answer ALL the questions you may have in the process, and not just give details on the tasks, but delve into your problem as a whole and give an outside view and advice. This is a kind of opportunity to consult and get an opinion throughout the entire course (marathon).

Author and presenter of "Parents" constellation express intensive course (marathon) Julia Khadartseva

Psychologist, constellator, creator of the author's constellations method

  • Psychologist and constellator
  • Creator of the author's constellations method
  • Holder of the world record for the longest constellations, "Constellator of the Year" award winner
  • Expert of multiple TV channels and radio stations
  • Synergy speaker
  • Author of multiple online projects related to issues affecting all spheres of human life, in which more than 25,000 people have participated
  • Author of #1 podcast "About wealth, self-worth and prestige"
  • Field trainings author
  • Constellation marathons author
People who keep the conflict inside spend a huge amount of their energy on overcoming internal tension, contradiction, instead of doing something useful and pleasant for themselves and others. During the training, all participants will have the opportunity to realise all of this and take their energy, attention, consciousness back out of these conflicting relationships and restore their integrity by analysing.

The intensive course (marathon)
is NOT for you if:
You have perfect relationships with your parents

You feel no resentment, claims or other problems of any kind

You have no negative beliefs and fears passed on from your parents

You don't want or are not ready to dive into this issue yet

You don't want or are not ready to take a step towards your parents, maybe you are not ready to say goodbye to resentment, forgive your parents. In this case the program will not suit you either, because your inner willingness to reach a new level in your perception of mom and dad is vital here.

all be ok
i love everyone!
nothing bothers me
I'm not ready
I'm not ready
Look in the mirror

You have your dad's eyes, your mom's eyebrows, there is a part of your dad and mom in every molecule of your body, that's why it is so important to be in 100% acceptance in order to live a happy, confident, harmonious life and not to look for mom and dad in other people.

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